Harlem is all about its flashy, smooth swagger and attitude. The flyest urban fashion trends, dances, and music can be attributed to its influence. With this reputation, it is no wonder why Harlem rapper, Borey Bills is built to be part of this legacy of trendsetters.  As an up-and-coming artist Borey Bills is climbing the ladder rather quickly. Using YouTube He released a series of videos including “Think About it”,”Time is more valuable than money” & “Black Girl Lost” an ode to an Ex-Girlfriend who was murdered in cold blood. Borey Bills teamed up with his childhood friends Flowboy Vegas & Nino Man protégé of famed NY rapper Jadakiss to form B$D also known as Billion Dollar Dream. Releasing his latest mixtape “Who Is Borey Bills?” He gave his listeners a little bit of everything from everyday life growing up on the streets of Harlem to relationship issues.

To the good ole New York City club scene with songs like “Bust it wide open” Produced by Dj Double Nickelz.Borey Bills redefines his craft by continuously producing new school hip hop. With songs like “Bust it wide open” making its way across the circuit we can expect Borey Bills to reach heights and create a steady commercial buzz.